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Welcome to The Awesome Vegetarian! We hope you enjoy one of our many fantastic recipes! We're still pretty fresh in the blogosphere so bear with us a bit as we continue to build our site and offer you more and more awesome content.

About us

The Awesome Vegetarian is a collaboration of vegetarian/cooking enthusiasts Sarah and Anne Marie.  We met our first year of college and quickly realized we had more in common than just vegetarianism.  We also share a love of cats, bad jokes, politics, obscure music, and having overly heated debates about television shows such as Breaking Bad and Project Runway.   Currently, we live on separate sides of the state of Michigan but through the wonders of the internets, we maintain frequent contact.  Even long distance, we find cooking to be an amazing way to connect with each other.  We constantly send each other recipes, recipe ideas, and feedback on ways to potentially improve our cooking.  

Our goal is to hopefully share some of our inspiration with the rest of the world and show that a vegetarian diet can be diverse and flavorful.  

We welcome feedback or ideas from any of our readers (if you do exist).  Feel free to contact us at

Happy Cooking!

Try awesome recipes.  Eat awesome food. Find awesome inspiration.  Be an Awesome Vegetarian.